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    deleting Bootbamp partition and VMware fusion
    Hi guys,
    After trying to run windows through bootcamp and through fusion I have totally given up. Was wondering what the best way to delete the partition and fusion along with the vista operating system was. I used Time Machine to back up my computer before this fiasco. Would it be better to just reformat everything using the Mac Os X disc and then restore via time machine or just delete bootcamp and fusion manually? Or would it make any difference at all? Not sure if deleting manually would take all the junk off and make operating speed back to what it was before. Help appreciated.


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    Use disk utility to reformat the partition, that will get rid of everything on it.

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    not reformat the partition, remove reformat just cleans out the partitions. To remove a partition with Disk Utility, you just click the minus sign below the visual representation.

    However, you can just run the Boot Camp utility from Mac OS and it provides an option to remove the partition, doesn't it?

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    To the OP:

    Take scathe's advice and use the Boot Camp assistant from OS X to remove the partition and restore the space. Using Disk Utility to mess with partitions may wind up getting you into trouble leading to a complete reinstall of OS X.

    Also, if you were having difficulties installing Windows, why not ask here? Perhaps someone could assist you in getting it installed.


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