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    Virtual PC on G5 with Leopard
    I own a Mac G5 with Leopard and I recently replaced my hard drive. I reloaded my software except Virtual PC 7 for Mac which would not load Windows XP on the virtual drive image. After several attempts I started researching my problem and discovered that Microsoft does not support Leopard. I assume that I could go back and reformat my OS to Tiger and reload Virtual PC but I am reluctant to do that. I don't like reformatting, let alone regressing to an earlier version of OSX. I am in need of Windows for my work and would like to know if there is a better way.
    Mike F.

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    You are a brave soul, apparently with lots of free time (just kidding), who wants to keep using Virtual PC... that is torture to me and others who have used it. It runs SO SLOW ... But if you must keep your non-Intel-based Mac, and not buy a used or refurbished Intel-based Mac (which would allow you to run Windows pretty snappily under Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox or Boot Camp), then I am not aware of any alternative but to go with Tiger. I have not independently looked at whether VPC will support Leopard but if not, then I fear you're stuck.


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    I agree with Sammy. I know that when MS purchased VPC from Connectix they really didn't do a lot to improve it except for some minor improvements in version 7. And yes, it's slooooooooow.

    Since you have a G5, your choices are limited as you know. I suggest either buying an Intel Mac or maybe even an inexpensive NetBook to run Windows.

    And, BTW, don't include your email address when posting in public forums. There are bots which can glean email addresses from forums and then deluge them with SPAM. I've edited yours out.


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Just buy a cheap laptop as suggested by our moderator. VPC is worse than useless and has been abandoned by Microsoft. Have a G5 Dual Core and will not be updating it so use a Dell Latitude laptop.

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