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    Trouble with IP Printing on OS 10.6.3 and WinXP using Fusion
    All, thanks for taking time to read through my issue and (hopefully) helping find a resolution.

    Key Stats:
    Host OS: Mac 10.6.3
    Guest OS: WinXP SP2
    VMFusion 3.0.2

    I'm having trouble printing and will describe the various scenarios of what does work, what doesn't work, and hopefully include enough info for everyone based on forum guidelines. If I miss any details, please do let me know and I will provide ASAP.

    I recently bought a MacBook Pro and took my existing WinXP laptop, converted to VM using stand alone converter, and have been able to run the VM on my Mac without any issue. I currently have it set up as a 'bridged' network connection.

    Scenario #1 - Printing at home on WiFi
    I have a basic multi function HP printer at home and connected to a print server on my WiFi. I can print flawlessly from my Mac as well as my WinXP VM. I added my HP printer as a basic TCP/IP port printer and installed necessary drivers, etc...

    Scenario #2 - Printing at the office over LAN
    I can print using my WinXP VM but *not* my Mac. I added printer as a typical TCP/IP printer on WinXP VM and am able to print. I added the printer to my Mac using same approach as IP printer at home, but I cannot print from my Mac.

    I have added/removed most combinations & scenarios with the printer installed on VM and Mac and come up with same results. For example, add printer to only Mac but not XP, add printer to only XP but not Mac, add printer to both Mac and XP, etc. as well as changed my Mac printer settings from IPP to LPD but am unable to print in any combination.

    Ideally, I should be able to print from my Mac without having to enable print sharing between my XP - I won't always have / want my XP VM running. But, I am able to add IP printing from my home network and not sure what I am doing differently / incorrectly.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any tips or tricks to enable printing from my Mac in the scenario I described above?

    Thanks again for your assistance.


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    Go to VMware knowledge base and read 'Troubleshooting connection issues in VMware Fusion". There is a lot of useful info there.
    Good luck

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