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    May 18, 2010
    Blue screen of death bootcamp problem :(
    where to start....

    well i have windows xp 32 bit and it is on the ntfs install mode thing. i have an hd pvr hooked up and a external hard drive. i sometimes randomly get a blue screen of death for a split second and then windows restarts. i used to have it on the fat32 and i never once got a blue screen. do i need to reinstall and do the fat32 again or is there a driver for graphics cause i was looking around and it said that might be it. everything is up to date. if you have any questions that you need answered to help you answer me ask away? i just get irritated when im editing and having to restart randomly


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    May 23, 2010
    I am facing the same of blue screen death on my another laptop which i runs Win Vista.. When i use to run so many programs or when my system is using much memories.. the blue screen with some code appears on and system get one of the forums members told me some solutions to get it fix but it didnt got fixed yet.. Can anyone give provides the solution for the same?

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