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    Snow Leaopard disk required?
    Just a quick question about installing Windows 7 on my MBP.
    I have it on my external HD at the moment and was planning on installing it straight from there since i have no access to a DVD at the moment, Question i wasnted to ask is... Is it absolutely essential to have everything on mh internal HD backed up? And is it necessary that i have my Snow Leopard disk at hand for the drivers?
    I cant back up on my external at the moment and my SL disk is on the other side of the world so does that mean i HAVE to wait till i go home?

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    Assuming you're taliking about installing on the bootcamp partition not a Virtual Machine:

    You aren't forced to back up, it's a personal choice.

    The question you have to ask is do you have data you don't mind losing if the whole machine goes belly up?

    If the answer is no, then there's no need to back up.

    As for installing from an external HD(it needs to be bootable) and needing the snow leopard disc (officially, yes) then I'd read this:

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    Yes i did mean with bootcamp, sorry, i forgot to say that.
    I can move W7 to my MBP HD knowing that i don't necessarily need to back up, i just wasn't sure if it would wipe everything as if like when re-formatting and i can also move documents etc to my external, just not able to fully back up my system at the moment.
    But i guess it's all irrelevant if i need my OSX disk anyway, seems like it may be best waiting a few weeks till i get home and do it proper.

    Thanks for the info

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    Assuming the copy of Windows 7 you have on the external drive is a legal copy, you won't be able to install directly from there anyway. The reason is the external drive will not be seen by Windows until drivers are installed.

    As you say, you need the SL disk. It's best to wait until you can get at the SL disk and the original DVD of Windows 7. Make's life a lot easier.


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