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    Exclamation Windows 7 on MacBook Pro 13 inch
    OK, so I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch, Mid 2009. I have a 500GB hard drive and I partitioned it. I have 80GB part for the Windows and the rest of it is for my Mac OS X.
    I would like to know how can I get rid of the partition and have all of the 500GB for my Mac OS X. I want to get rid of the partition. And I want to have only 500GB and only on my Mac OS X. I am moving in a month so I will have to delete the Windows on the laptop and stay with the Mac OS X, because it is easier. But I need the Windows for now. So that's why I need to know how to get rid of it before I leave.
    Also, my keyboard light is always working. Even if i press F5(the button to turn it down and turn it off) it is always on. On the screen, every time i press the button it appears as turned down but it is still working. Tell me how can I turn it off, because it is just wasting my energy and I don't need it!
    Also, my trackpad works but not really well. I have the two-finger scrolling down but I don't have just tapping on the pad and opening icons, windows and etc. On my Mac OS X I just tap, I don't press it twice, I just tap gently on it and it opens the thing that I want to open. How can I fix it and how can I tap and open on Windows 7?
    I am with the newest Boot Camp update for Windows on my MacBook.
    And also how can I just play the songs on my iTunes and not make a double copy of the song. Because I already have the songs on my Macintosh HD and I just found them there and added them to iTunes on the Windows. But it probably copied them somewhere on the Windows Hard Disk. Can you please tell me how can I play and listen to the songs on my iTunes without copying them again but just taking them from the Macintosh HD. I think there was a way but I don't remember exactly how.
    Also, what is the best codec for Windows 7, is it still K-Lite Mega Codec Pack? For playing all kinds of video and audio formats and being able to read subtitles.
    And if I have any further questions I will just ask here, because I've had Windows Vista 2 years ago but I changed to Mac and now I am a dummy. So I need help every now and then.
    Thank you, I hope you will solve all my problems and answer all my questions!
    Thank you in advance!

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    1. run the bootcamp assitent in OSX - it has an option to remove the bootcamp partition.
    2. Don't know about your keyboard light - set to auto in System preferences perhaps?
    3. No reason why tapping the trackpad shouldn't work in Windows, have you checked your settings in Control Panel?
    4. iTunes on Winodws is likely setup to copy the file to the library when playing. This can be changed in the options within iTunes for Windows
    5. K-lite Stadard copes with the most common AV file formats
    6. I wouldn't personally spend too long trying to fix problems in windows if you're going to get rid of it in a few weeks.

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