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    What software to run Xp on Imac G5?
    I have a few macs in my office that use Fusion to run our accounts software but we need to also run it on our Imac.

    The Imac is a 2 GhZ Power PC G5 with 512mb DDR SDRAM

    it is running OSX 10.5.8

    What is the best Software to run XP on or any kind of windows for that matter.



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    you need an intel mac to run windows

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    Not strictly speaking, but you need an Intel-based Mac to run Boot Camp or any of the virtual machine programs (Fusion, Parallels or VirtualBox), or even program-specific virtualization (Crossover).

    All you can do on a PPC mac is run VirtualPC for Mac - a software emulator. As folks here will tell you, this is a painful and slow way to run windows. As far as I know, no one here will recommend it to you - I certainly won't. It will drive you crazy and in my judgment, not worth it. you would do better to buy a used Intel-based iMac and run windows on it.


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    As Sammy said - do not bother it is as slow as a wet week and no longer supported by Microsoft. I am not buying an Intel machine and use a Dell Latitude notebook to run Windows XP Professional which is a much cheaper option.

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    And nowadays with Netbooks selling like for $250 to $399 new, it certainly would be better to buy one of those to run Windows than "watching paint dry on a barn".


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