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todd51 05-03-2010 10:58 PM

Thinking about making another swtich
I've always been interested in Linux and it seems that the new version of Ubuntu (10.04) is pretty good. The last time I messed around with it is back in 2006, and it has come a LONG way to say the least.

Now I want to build an Ubuntu desktop to use as my main computer. I've been running it through VMWare Fusion and I haven't had too many problems at all on my iMac (Specs in sig). Unfortunately, I still need my iMac since the new Steam client is coming out for OS X and I must have some of my Steam games :)

I guess I don't mind running it in VMWare, but I do miss the excitement of building a new computer with a nice case and fans, and throwing a fresh clean OS on it. Anyone else been in the same dilemna? I feel though I have spent enough money on computers recently. Plus, I don't have room on my desk for another widescreen monitor. I'm not sure where I would put my iMac.

Ughh..why do I run into these computer decisions?:|

systix 05-04-2010 12:56 PM

I'm a fan of linux, However I use windows and OS X as my main system (Windows desktop, OSX Macbook).

However, I have my own linux server (in a desktop case) on my network which I use as remote access, fileserver and all my linux command line needs. WHen I want to use it I just SSH in from my windows (putty) or OS X (terminal) systems. Just as good as sitting in front of a linux system + you get the fun of building and learning about linux servers. You dont however get the ubuntu GUI's to play with, but the command line is where linux shines anyway.

As an end user home system, OS X shines i find. here you have best of both worlds. Plus having a linux server is cool

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