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    OK, learning curve is really steep right now, my macbook is a week old and I am discovering not everything is working like I'd hoped. I've installed Office for Mac. I have a very important file in excel that runs three macros that my brother built in visual basic, when I opened it on my new computer it said visual basic macros do not work in excel for mac. The question is, can I convert the macros to something that works on this machine?

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    If you have Office 2008, then that message is spot on, I'm afraid. VBA works in Office 2004, and will again when Office 2011 comes out this fall. I'm not sure if there is anything else you can do about it, other than use a version with VBA. Hope I'm wrong....

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    You're dead on, unfortunately. No VBA support for Office 2008, in other words macros will not run. I use Word 2008 quite a bit in my work and I really miss the ability to use macros. Waiting on Office 2011.....


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    Thanks, hopefully the upgrade will take care of it in a few months.

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