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    Lightbulb Specific advice on installing ubuntu onto a Power Mac 2.5ghz PowerPC Please :)
    Hello all.

    I am going to install a Version of Ubuntu (not that i am straying away from my beautiful OS that apple provide, i will be running it along side and will still be using it heavily) on to my Mac G5 Dual Core 2.5 Ghz PowerPC and i was wondering if anybody had done the same and had any installation advice specific to the G5 PowerPC architecture that i am going to build on. I am planning to build Install ubuntu to an external hard drive and use that as a separate boot option using the open firmware codes provided on this page
    Boot PowerPC Macs via USB 2.0 drives - Mac OS X Hints
    When i need to use ubuntu i will simply boot from Open firmware and add the code. Is this in fact possible?

    I heard on a previous forum that some people needed to modify the linux kernel so that the fans/cooling system worked properly and did not work at full blast using karmic koala. i was wondering if anybody could shed any light on that as i would like to know if that is in fact true, i have heard that this may be the windfarm kernell, but i am unsure at howto change the kernel.

    I would prefer to install Ubuntu rather than another linux distro as it seems to have the most community support and i am fairly new to linux (i have only been using it for a year on my netbook).

    Many Many thanks in advance

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    You might have much better luck on finding the information you need regarding the open firmware boot up and how to "tweak" Ubuntu for the hardware on your Dual G5 to work right by inquiring in the Ubuntu Forums.

    If you had Intel hardware, I would be able to chime in with some hints, but as it is, I know little or next to nothing about running Linux on a PPC machine.

    Let us know how it went.


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    Try the PowerPC/Ubuntu Wiki here as a starting point:

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    Thanks guys i have posted this question on the ubuntu forum too and i'm waiting for their reply. I was just wanting something specific as far as the powerpc architecture and booting into an external hard drive for a different os would work on Tiger and the G5.

    once again many thanks



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