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Thread: MAC ARP Table

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    MAC ARP Table
    I have a MAC running OS 9.2.2.

    I know that MAC OS X has ARP Settings that i can access through the Terminal.

    Does OS 9 have an ARP table and if so how do i get access to it as there is no terminal in OS 9.

    I got a telnet server and put it onto OS 9 and logged in. But this did not give me access to an ARP table.

    anyone got any ideas?

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    You can see your mac address under OS 9. I am not neaqr my mac at this time, but I think it is under tcp/ip. Then you look at more info or something like that.

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    Its not the MAC address that i wnat. I want to make the machine public. With the current setup that i have i need to modify the ARP table to do this.

    In the ARP table i need to put the MAC address of my router and assign an IP address such as to this ARP entry. This is how the MAC will find the router as there is no local DNS Server to resolve to the router. The ARP table will resolve the IP address to the MAC Address for me.

    Any ideas on how to do this on a MAC?

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