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    Unhappy Windows 7 Explorer Crashes
    Hey there fellow forum users! I have got quite the bothersome little problem here. Running Bootcamp 3.0, and Windows 7 Ultimate. This is set up on a 2006 MacBook, with a 2.0 GHz C2d processor, and 2 GB of ram.

    I'm using Windows 7 for a few different reasons, but a primary one is that I am studying to receive my CCNA certification, and going through course work and using Packet Tracer (a network lab application) is only really possible on a Windows (and I believe a Linux) machine.

    The problem that I am having, and have not been able to fix with the help of google and thread searches, is that Windows Explorer crashes. Sometimes.

    Upon starting up my Windows partition, it feels like I'm taking a 50/50 chance. Will Explorer crash? Or will it stay running, and let me browse my system files and the likes?

    When it does begin to restart, it's every 10-30 seconds. This is very, very annoying.

    If any of you have a solution, need more information from me, or just a couple of suggestions, please let this sad little Windows user know!

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    Download Boot Camp 3.1 (for 32 or 64-bits, depending on which Win7 flavor you are using). That should fix your issues plus add updated driver support. You didn't specify whether you were running Leopard or Snow Leopard. After updating your Boot Camp, you might want to reinstall your drivers by inserting your OSX disc while in Windows. If you have Leopard, it's really worth the $29 to upgrade to SL for this purpose - very cost-effective.


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