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    How do I run Internet Explorer on a Mac?
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a 4 year old Mac Mini with Tiger OS and I'll be buying a new macbook pro in a couple of weeks. I can use either or both of these computers, but I need to run THE LATEST VERSION of Internet Explorer for my small business. I've found out that some websites don't like Safari or Firefox, and so I'll need to run IE to visit certain websites.

    What is the easiest way to do this? I would prefer to not run a dual boot system if I can avoid it. I have no experience with bootcamp or anything like that.


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    IE is not supported by anyone for Mac OS, and has not been for many years now, because it seriously sucks on Mac (and PC for that matter).
    You can try Chrome beta, which seems to be OK on all sites so far, or maybe Opera.
    Maybe someone else has some ideas too though.
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    Opera and Firefox can be profiled to appear as IE to a windows server.

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    Use the latest version of Opera (10.10) and you should have no difficulty accessing any site. IE for the Mac is dead and gone and no longer works...


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    As MacSK said, Opera and Firefox can be profiled to appear as IE to a Windows server, but if you really do want to still try IE for OS X, here's the link. But it literally hardly works, hasn't been supported since 2003 and would be of no use to you at all.
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    You can also create a Windows virtual machine using VirtualBox (free), Fusion or Parallels (cost $ but are more full-featured), and install Windows that way - for surfing a virtual machine will do just fine and you can run it in a window along with everything else in OSX. More complex than Opera but if you have a spare copy of Windows it will give you some flexibility. Just another option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Use the latest version of Opera (10.10) and you should have no difficulty accessing any site. IE for the Mac is dead and gone and no longer works...

    Maybe that's the reason why mac users dislike windows.Any possible that mac and windows compatible?

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    Since Firefox has huge marketshare now, it's pretty rare to see IE-only sites anymore, but in the odd event you do run into one, Crossover makes it pretty easy to install IE using virtualization technologies.

    Not sure if it supports IE8, but I have run IE7 successfully with it.
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