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    Intnernet connection not available in one programme
    Hi there,

    I'm a recent Mac convert but still require a PC based OS for a few programmes, I run Windows XP under parallels. With the exception of one programme (Posted in a separate thread) the installation was simple and works well. However I have an internet connection issue with a windows based programme which cannot access the internet. (In windows Internet explorer works just fine as do updates etc so i know the connection is there).

    In the old days of working on windows I'd assume this was a firewall settings issue, but the firewall on XP is turned off.

    All windows updates are upto date, Parallels is also upto date.

    Could anyone please advise how I can make the programme see the internet connection? (It's a Fuji file uploader for ordering prints from my lab - they haven't come across it before)

    Many thanks

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    First, you need to turn on the firewall for XP if you have no other firewall running. You might think you're safe because of the virtual machine software or maybe your router, but you're not.

    As for the Fuji updater... since it's the only program that's having a problem, it may be that it's not compatible with Parallels or it's setup wrong. More than likely it doesn't like the virtual machine hardware.


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