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    CPU damage from Linux on Mac?
    I don't know if any of you have heard of this:
    why UBUNTU on MACs is a bad idea. | Facebook

    Also discussed here:
    Arch Linux Forums / Linux on MacBooks and CPU voltage - can it destroy my CPU?

    Can anyone comment on this? I have a friend who claims it is ******** and that it's perfectly safe to run Linux on your Mac since most of this is controlled by firmware. But I don't want to ruin my MacBook Pro either...

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    You'll notice the same thing is said about running Windows on your Mac. I personally think it's hype - simply because if it were not safe, Apple would not have provided Boot Camp and drivers for dual booting.

    The only unsafe thing about running Ubuntu or any other Linux distro on your Mac in dual boot fashion, is that without proper care the GRUB boot loader winds up overwriting the Mac EFI boot sector and causes a major headache to fix. The proper setup for dual booting (use rEFIt) should be followed. And always have a backup on hand!


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    Yeah, but I'm not so worried about software problems. Such things I can I always fix somehow. Shouldn't be a problem if you know what you're doing.

    More comments anyone?

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