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    Lost Product Key
    I have a copy of the software for Mac Office 2008, box and CD. But the sleeve that the CD was once in is now missing.

    How can I obtain a new product key? Microsoft support and the Apple store were not helpful.

    Is there not a clear way to do this?

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    Normally the key code is on the CD case. You will find it very difficult to get a new key code but try ringing Microsoft on 1-800-936-5700 assuming you are in mainland USA. They will ask for the model etc of the Mac the software was installed on when activated last, and the product ID received back from Microsoft.

    You will have to excuse them being a touch uncooperative as you can imagine the enormous amount of illegal Office software that exists.

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    My parents have this software installed on their iMac, from this same disk that now has a lost sleeve (and thus lost product keys). Is there a way they can find out what their product key is, and then uninstall Office, allowing me to then use that product key? Or is there no way to tell the product key of currently installed software?

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    The cardboard CD sleeve contained 3 serial numbers - which meant it could be installed on up to 3 machines in the same household. If the sleeve is lost along with the 3 serial numbers, you have no choice but to do as harry suggested and call MS customer service.

    If Office 2008 was registered with MS by you or your parents - when it was first installed, then they may (at their discretion) re-issue a new set of serial numbers. But you will have to contact MS.

    There is no way to find the serial number as it is encrypted in a file when Office is installed. Uninstalling does not matter. Once those SNs are lost, they are lost, period. Contact MS.


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    For future reference: Keep up with important things like this

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