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    can I download photos from android phone?
    Want to get an htc hero (sorry iphone). Everywhere I've seen, they have problems syncing w macs. I just want to be able to download photos. Does double twist work? Don't want to get stuck w new phone and not have that (very) important part left out. One post said that the mac doesn't recognize the phone as a device.
    Have seen many that say music/itunes can be done this way, but really nore worried about photos.
    Any other suggestions/downloads from anyone that has used them?


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    Synching might be a bit tricky.

    But copying over photos using Bluetooth Set-up on os x should be easy

    Then use Bluetooth File Exchange to copy the photos over
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    another option may be to use flickr. On the iphone they have an app where you can directly upload pics to your flicker account. They do offer another option of emailing the pics to your flickr account. From there you could save them to your computer, as well as share them with whomever you needed to.

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    I've used DoubleTwist to transfer over my music and it worked fine. I also noticed that it can do Photos and Movies too, give it a try, it's free!

    I have a Droid and it's based on the Android OS as well.

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    Thanks Todd -
    That's just what I was looking for. Do you have to download the double twist to your mac and then go from there? Anything difficult, or just a download? Have you tried doing pics?
    Just curious - As I said, I'd hate to get stuck with a phone for 2 years that I can't incorporate (not necessarily sync) with my mac.

    Thanks again

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