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Thread: reinstall all programs after reinstalling windows for fusion?

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    reinstall all programs after reinstalling windows for fusion?
    I had to reinstall windows (I'm using fusion), but the new version of windows does not recognize my windows programs (autocad & rhino). Do I need to uninstall and reinstall those programs, which must still be on the computer somewhere because I never removed them. Or is there a quick way of telling windows where to go to look for them?


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    You will need to reinstall your programs. The reason is that the new install of Windows initiates a new registry. The new registry knows nothing about your applications, hence, the need for reinstalling apps to update the registry.


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    thanks, Chscag, for your friendly and helpful reply.
    not what I wanted, but I appreciate the time saved trying to get there on my own.

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    If you'd repaired your existing Windows installation, it might have tried to keep things intact enough that installed programs would run.

    But if you re-install, as @chscag suggested, that's a new copy and it will make no attempt to retain any information about previous installations..and usually a re-install is done on a clean HD, not with all the files when you booted into your new Windows installation, only the default applications would be available and you'd have gone through the motions of installing your applications anyway..


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