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    Remove Opera from Mac
    I use Utorrent to download legal music torrent and for some reason they now download in Opera which I can't recall download on my mac, how do I get rid of the Opera from the mac, if I delete it from the library it just comes back

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    I think I got the Opera virus (kidding) when I installed Photoshop? maybe... Its not in my applications folder either, very strange though I haven't really tried to get rid of it. Have you tried AppZapper

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    Do you have Adobe Bridge installed on your Mac?

    If so, Opera is part of Bridge and is used to render the web gallery output.

    I'm not sure why it's the default however but you can change it:

    Mac OS X: How to change the default web browser or email application

    Hope this helps.

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    You could also just change the default application for torrents. Right click a torrent, select Get Info, go to "Open With", change the drop down to the application of your choice, push "Change All...".
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