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mysterio 04-03-2010 05:16 AM

MBP 13" XP x64 sound driver problem!
Apologies if this has already been discussed however I have been unable to find the answer to my problem. I am running Windows XP X64 on 13" MBP (unibody) mid late 2009... and have installed all drivers succesfully accept the Sound driver. Now i'm not sure what the correct chipset is however I am told it is cirrus logic or realtek? I have tried every variation of x64 driver and setups from both but I can't get this sound driver to install and work correctly. I have been wrestling with this issue for the last few days and have exhausted all avenues so any help from you guys would be very much appreciated.

chscag 04-03-2010 06:18 PM

I believe the Realtek drivers is what you need. However, Windows XP 64 bit is a real dog trying to get things to work and finding drivers. Most hardware vendors did not support the 64 bit version of XP like they do for Vista and Win 7. You'll be fortunate to find sound drivers that will work.

My advice: Get rid of XP 64 bit and install Win 7 64 bit instead.


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