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    parrallels and win7 problem
    I have a copy of win 7. student ver. I installed on my pc no problems. Keep in mind I havn't activated it yet. When I installed parrallels or in bootcamp it keeps telling me that the product key is invalid. There has got to be something in mac that is causing this because I have tried in to pc's without this happening Can anyone please shed some light to this

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    Are you sure you didn't activate it when you installed it on a PC? There is no difference whatsoever when entering the product key and sending the information to MS for validation. Doesn't matter if you send it from Parallels or from a Boot Camp installation, it's still Windows and the information goes to the same place. The only way it would be invalid is if it was used previously or you're entering the wrong information.


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    Well actually it is activated on the computer of the guy I got it from. But keep in mind that is installed on my pc with no problem. And as far as I rememeber with xp you have 30 days to activate it. Win 7 might be different but in any case pc works mac don't.

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