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    Help Required With Four Partition Setup
    I am trying to achieve the following on my new Mac Mini 2.53GHz / 320GB.

    4 Partitions split as follows...

    Snow Leopard Server - 30GB
    Snow Leopard Client - 30GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - 60GB
    Data (OSX) - 200GB

    I have tried various combinations but cannot get a situation where all three operating systems are bootable. I am sure it's nothing complicated and would appreciate a step-by-step. Thanks.

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    Well, you're not going to get a step by step. That's beyond the scope of any answer from most people. However, I suggest you take a look at rEFit which can provide you with help and a boot menu that works.

    BTW, why the need for a separate data partition for OS X?


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    the dende
    The idea with having a partition for data is so I can experiment with Server and Client and install programs in the Data partition so they can be shared between Server and Client without having to waste space and install them in each. If my theory is correct?

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