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    Where is the boot camp control panel?
    Hello. This is the simplest of all questions: where is this mythical "boot camp control panel" that I keep reading about on the net? It is supposed to do such useful things as allowing me to make OSX my default operating system, and making right clicks possible. But I can't find the darn thing. It is supposed to be in the task bar, to my understanding, but it is not, and according to the searh bar function, it doesn't even exist!

    On the side, if it doesn't fix the right click problem, are there any suggestions? Also, is there anyway to get multitouch functions working, such as scrolling? I don't know if I can return to the days before two finger scrolling.

    Thank you!

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    All "control panels" are in System Preferences. It's a silver rectangle with gears in it. If it's not on the Dock, it's in the Applications folder

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    In Windows, down in the Taskbar on the right hand side is a rectangular gray icon. Click that icon and a little menu will pop up. In that menu is an option that reads "Boot Camp Control Panel..." Click that option and from there you can change the options.

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    The control panel was the first place I looked, and could not find it.

    I clicked on the lil' grey rectangle, and it was not there.

    Where is it supposed to be exactly in the control pane? I'm worried it might be a proper glitch.

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    Make sure you've chosen to show all hidden icons in the "System Notification" taskbar. The Boot Camp icon will look like a small gray-black diamond.

    You should also have an entry in the Control Panel menu. But again, it depends on how you're displaying your Control Panel. Make sure you have it set to display as a "menu" rather than the default. Boot Camp will not show up in the default Control Panel display.

    The above should work more or less the same for XP, Vista, and Win 7.


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    Boot camp control panel
    Boot camp control panel - It's doesn't appear in windows 7
    I need this panel to colleborate the infrared receiver:
    "In Windows, open the Boot Camp control panel and click the Remote tab."
    May be somebody know commandline comand to enable IR port? My remote controll doen't working

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