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    logic express audio in question
    hey im new to logic and i had a quick question. how do i setup audio in and out? im running a mixer into the audio in jack, but i get no sound. does anyone know how to fix this? also i get no sound when i play the track.

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    I have the same problem
    I'm experincing the same problems. It sucks. I looked through all of the help literature and there's nothing remotely useful in it. It sucks looking at all the equipment i bought and knowing they're rendered as fancy paperweights.

    I set up my audio in as a USB Codec through the System Preferences < sound < audio in Codec USB. I was in Logic, went to System Audio Hardware and set that up as USB Audio Codec. I'm running an Alesis 8 channel mixer into the USB port of my imac G5. I looked to install the drivers but its a USB connection so the mixer contains all the drivers, there's no need to install anything. The Cubase LE didnt install because Cubase hates MAC for some reason. I have my audio out connected into my stereo via the audio out to Auxillary In in the back of the unit. I'm trying to give as many details as possible.

    I dont hear any audio with Logic Express 7 but with Garagaband 2, the audio is perfect, just not through the mixer. Somewhere between mixer and program, theres a missing a.) driver, b.) program interface c.) configuration

    Help a Spaniard out.

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