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    How to Remote Desktop Connection from Window XP to MAC computer
    I am new to MAC OS. I am using MAC OS version 10.5.6.

    Apart from ssh login and VNC ( I could do both) from Window computer to MAC computer, I want to have remote Desktop connection from Window XP to MAC PC ?

    When I trying to to start->Programs-Accessories->Remote Deskop Connection on Window XP and enter the MAC PC IP address, I am getting error message as :

    "This computer can't connect to the remoe computer. Try connection again......"

    How to do this ? Please tell me the configuration steps I need to do. I have multiple users with Window PC to use one single MAC PC, and under the condition that each can work independently.

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    several people around here (myself included) use It get's pretty good reviews. Oh, and it's free

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