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    Bootcamp NooB HELP

    Im totally new here and this is my first post so sorry if its wrong place or anything like that. Im really tired looking through different websites ect for ansers so im starting this thread to get an anser quick. Please dont be mad.

    Anyway I am gonna buy a 13" macbook pro for Uni at the weekend. (its my last chance to get it with student discount and ive always wanted one) However for my course I need CAD software and therefore windows. (The CAD we use isnt MAC compatible) So ive been looking into the bootcamp solution, and was wondering what version of Windows is needed??
    I really cant afford much saying the mac itself is setting me back a lot and im the typical broke student, so was looking at some OEM windows. Does it work with bootcamp?

    More importantly is, is it legal to put on a macbook?


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    A valid OEM of windows would work just fine. I used an OEM xp sp2 from new egg when I set mine up . I have since deleted it and gone just to OS X but hey thats just me.

    Hope this helps


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