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    Help with Microsoft Office 2004 (Word 11)
    Hi everyone!!
    Since updating to Tiger (& 10.4.1 today) I have a problem with Word 11, see attached picture.
    Opening a new document or even an old one before Tiger, the document window goes right up to the menu bar, behind the buttons at the top! Flipping annoying, it does it everytime!!!! Yes of course you can adjust the size of the window but it's annoying that Word seems to have lost the little amount of respect it had for me, and just does it's own thing!!!!
    Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know if "The Beast Of Redmond" is working on an update for Office??
    VPC 7 gives a error that Virtual PC switch doesn't work, but I can still access the net from Windows, so let's hope that they're also working on an update for VPC 7 as well!!
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    Microsoft acknowledges that virtual switch error problem in vpc, they said an error should be out within the next few months

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