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    PhotoShop CS doesn't always allow me to 'Save' now i'm using Tiger!
    Hi Guys

    I've just upgraded to Tiger and am beginning to question my sanity in doing so!

    I'm a graphic designer and spend many hours with the Adobe and Macromedia Suites, and i'm now having two big problems with PhotoShop CS since my upgrade.

    The main problem is that when i'm working in PhotoShop and i select 'Save' from the file menu (or via use its keyboard shortcut), sometimes i get a pop-up message telling me that "Could not save "XXXX.psd" because the file is already in use or was left open". Well, thank you PhotoShop, i know the file is open because i'm looking at it! I've tried a full reinstall of PhotoShop but the problem is still there... and it happens completely at random!

    Another little problem is that not all my fonts work correctly in PhotoShop anymore either. Many fonts come in a variety of weights and these can be seen in the drop-down selection next to the font name. But, if you try to change the weight of a few fonts, nothing happens. The text simply stays as a default weight - usually regular or medium. I can't understand this as all my fonts worked perfectly on OS X 10.3.7...

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks


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    Edit: Hmm. Since you are saving out as a psd file, I don't think my solution is related.

    I think that I might know your first problem. I had the same problem, but the problem was even before Tiger. Believe it or not, the problem might be Firefox.

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