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Thread: Trouble with bluetooth mouse (Boot Camp)

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    Trouble with bluetooth mouse (Boot Camp)
    Hey! I'm in need of some help for my Dell BT Travel Mouse.
    I just bought a MacBook Pro about a week ago, and installed WinXP SP2 through Boot Camp. Everything has worked fine up until this morning when my BT mouse suddenly stopped working on both Mac OS X and Windows.

    I fixed the problem on the Mac OS X by trashing a preference file, and the mouse now works perfectly.

    It still does not work on Windows, though. When I try to install it, it locates the mouse, connects, but the system tray displays the following message: "A problem occured during hardware installation. Your hardware might not work properly".

    I have a feeling it is a software problem. I tried reinstalling the Boot Camp software, but it didn't work.

    Does anyone have an idea what I should do?


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    Uninstall it and try reinstalling the windows drivers?

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    I'm having the same problem, which preference file did you delete? Have you solved it on Windows?


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    Have you tried updating Boot Camp to 3.1?

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