Hi to all,

Quick question, how does one bootup with Single-User Mode (Verbose Mode) when the harddisk has been partitioned with Linux (debian "sarge") set as the primary bootup? On normal bootups, I could opt to 'x" to boot from Mac OS, or "c" for cd booting or not to anything to allow the default OS which is the Linux to boot.

Cmd+S obviously didn't work for me, any idea?

Thank you.



Problem solved, thanks Darkshadow (macosx forum)
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Well, here's another you can try then. Boot into OS X, then open up the terminal and type sudo nvram boot-args=-s. This will set the computer to boot into single user mode by default. Once you've done that, then restart into OS X.

When you're done doing whatever it is you want to do in single user mode, type nvram boot-args="" to unset it, then type reboot to restart normally. If you forget to unset it, you'll boot into single user mode again.

I have no idea if this would be picked up or not in the Linux boot.