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    No connection to the internet on Guest via a USB 3G Dongle
    Hi all .

    I am running VMWare Fusion 3.01 on a MacBook Unibody.

    I have Wireless Internet running on on my Mac and when Fusion, a Virtuel Vista Guest, is started up it has no problems connecting to this Wireless Connection - It is a Bridged connection between the Mac and the Guest.

    When I am out of my wirelss net connection I use a 3G USB Dongle to get internet access. This works fine for the Mac.

    But the Virtuel Vista maschine does not want to connect to this Internet possibility.

    What do I do .?

    Thanks for your help


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    Have you tried the other modes besides bridged? I had to go back and forth a bit to get various connections to work.

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