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    Some clarification with Window's license and Boot Camp
    Hello guys. First of all I'd like to thank everybody who helps around here.

    I have a doubt involving Boot Camp and my Windows XP license. For those who don't know, Boot Camp is a "new" Mac OS X function to dual boot Windows in a Mac computer (those with Intel processors).

    I have a DELL computer that comes from the factory with Windows XP preinstalled. I did not need to insert any Windows XP license in the first boot, however I have a COA sticker in the back of the computer with my license number for Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

    I'm not using Windows XP any longer (now I use Windows Vista in the same DELL machine).

    In my 21.5" iMac, I'd like to install Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with Boot Camp for gaming. However, I do not own a retail Windows XP CD (just the backup Windows XP CD that comes with Dell computers).

    What I need to know is: if I download a ISO image from Windows XP and use this tutorial I found to change the ISO's version to OEM (because I have a COA sticker), will I be able to run this burned CD with this modified ISO image and Boot Camp Assistant will accept my license (that was already used before, but not currently used)?

    Please help me. If you didn't understand something just ask me.

    Thank you (very much)!

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    It's not "Boot Camp" that must accept your license, it's the MS activation process. Your OEM Dell version as far as the MS EULA is concerned can not be used on another machine.

    And yes, I know about the "hack" which changes the type of copy that Windows XP presents itself to the installation program and therefore, the activation process. Again, this is a EULA violation.

    If you want to run XP from a Boot Camp partition, why don't you purchase an OEM System Builder's copy of XP Home SP2 or 3? That will give you a legal version to use. Or, buy a MS boxed copy of Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade.


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