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    Help me with Isight and yahoo, mainly isight
    Hi all, I have a g4 ibook. My wife is overseas and we chat on yahoo, she has windows, so we have to use yahoo for videochat with the kid. Now my problem, everytime I try tu use isight with yahoo webcam, either my isight freezes or my yahoo crashes. is there any fix for it? Any patches, anything I can do to prevent it from crashing? Also when i try to use imovie and record my kid for her using impovie and isight, my isight records for 10-20 seconds and then freezes. it still records sound, but no picture. Anyone having these problems? More importantly can anyone fix these problems? This is herr only way to see our son while she is overseas.

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    Yahoo is a very buggy program for Mac. I've never got it working well enough to hold a conversation. In fact every time my video chat crashed I would have to quit the program and re start it to even attempt a video chat again!
    My suggestion to you? Use AIM for video chat. I've never had a problem with iChat and have used the video chat function flawlessly every time. Your wife can download AIM and register a name for free. Give it a shot. Let us know how it turns out.

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