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    Accidentally deleted windows on boot camp partition
    A while ago I accidentally deleted my copy of windows that I had on my macbooks boot camp partition. I still have my macbook's hard drive partitioned between my OSX partition and the partition that used to have windows on it. I haven't touched the windows partition since I deleted it and was wondering if there was any way to recover my windows copy.

    Thank you

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    Once you've deleted the Windows partition, there's no easy (inexpensive) way to recover any of the data that was there. Just make sure the partition has been completely removed by using the Boot Camp assistant from OS X and selecting "restore". Then, with a little bit of luck you may be able to create a new Boot Camp partition and reinstall Windows.


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    Agreed. Not unless you backed it up. There is no built-in recovery feature, which should not surprise anyone. I agree with chscag's advice. Good luck!

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