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Thread: VMware Fusion 3 won't drag & drop

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    VMware Fusion 3 won't drag & drop
    I'm running VMware Fusion 3 on my Macbook Pro. The native OS is Snow Leopard, the guest OS is Windoze Vista home edition. There is no boot camp partition on this machine. Fusion was installed with all its defaults.

    When I try to drag & drop files or folders between the two operating systems, about 8 times out of 10, the file refuses to leave the Fusion window. The remaining two times, it works. I'm apparently not the only one with this problem, as VMware's own boards have threads on the issue.

    To date, I've tried uninstalling VMware tools, rebooting, and reinstalling. No help - the problem remains. I don't run with convergence mode (or whatever they call it) enabled.

    I've tried to navigate VMware's web site for support, but it is the world's most difficult to use site. Finding out how to e-mail them is a major undertaking...

    In any case, if anyone has a cure for this, I'd be most appreciative. VMware seems unconcerned. If anyone is debating whether to go with Parallels or VMware, my recommendation (having used both) is DEFINITELY to go with Parallels! My VMware experience (from both a functionality and customer support perspective) has been the pits!

    Of course, my experience may not be typical, but it sure is personal - I've used boot camp (no problems), Parallels Desktop (no problems), and VMware Fusion. In addition to the drag & drop issue, the VMware Windows SDK absolutely WILL NOT BACKUP using Mozy Home backup service. Mozy tech support worked with me for months trying to determine why my backup wouldn't work. When I removed the VMware files from the backup set, suddenly there were no further problems. Of course, this prevents me from backing up data from my Windows machine unless I first move it to my Mac (which VMware usually refuses to do).

    So excuse my venting, but I'll be a much happier camper once VMware works as it is supposed to. I hope that's soon!


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    Dec 08, 2009
    I bought VMware Fusion 2 two months ago at my local Apple store. I install it using the defaults. I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic as the Guest OS & OS-X Snow Leopard as the Host. I have installed the VMware upgrade to version Version 3.0.1 (215242). Immediately after installation of the Ver. 2 software, and continuing after installation of Ver. 3, I have problems with drag-and-drop between the two systems. I contact VMware. Back & forth, back & forth, back & forth... No improvement.

    Now, I get the following from VMware support:

    "After speaking with some of my co-workers, they have confirmed that this issue already has an open report with the development team and they may be targetting this for a future release. Unfortunatly I cannot comment on when and if this will be corrected."

    The e-mail quote is verbatim (including misspelling). This means that VMware KNOWS that their product isn't working as advertised, can't say when it might be fixed, and doesn't seem much to care!

    The conclusion: DON'T BUY VMWARE PRODUCTS!

    Spread the word: VMware SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!

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