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    windows 7 installation hangs on 'completing installation' in boot camp

    i am trying to install windows 7 ultimate 32 bit using boot camp (in snow leopard) and each time i have tried (except on one occasion) the installation has hanged on the 'completing installation' stage. i initially had this problem, then one time it worked, but then i had to wipe my boot camp partition and start again, and since then no joy in installing windows 7 again.

    when the installation hangs it sounds like the install DVD is making a whirring sound as though there is an issue reading the DVD. but i have tried two different windows 7 install DVDs in both drives on my Mac Pro and i keep getting the same problem.

    i have tried installing without any peripherals plugged in, including my cinema display, but still no joy, except for that one occasion, when i am not aware of having done anything different.

    the boot camp partition is 32GB, and i have the same issue whether starting the installation using the boot camp assistant, or just booting from the Windows DVD and formatting the boot camp partition during the install.

    can anyone help me troubleshoot this?



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    I moved this thread over to our 'other OS' forum, since we're not talking about OS X.

    Can you tell us a bit more about the Windows 7 disc you're using? Is it retail or OEM? Commercial or burnt from ISO? Which edition?

    Also, specs for your Mac Pro, including version of OS X may be helpful as well.
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    I am also having this problem. I've got a Win7 professional 32 bit iso downloaded through my school and the installation is successful up to "completing install" then it restarts once fine and then on a second restart it freezes. I'm trying to install on a new i7 with snow leopard 10.6.2. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    This is not inherently a problem with trying to install windows 7 on a mac. It is a Windows 7 problem. The reason I bought my mac about a month ago is because of the installation "freeze" on my full-fledged PC machine.

    I spent a week on a Windows 7 forum trying to get some answers before throwing in the towel.

    There are many, many people having installation problems with Windows 7. Even when doing a clean (custom) install.

    From what I can figure, the video card and/or bios might be the culprit but by that time I had a splitting headache trying to mess with it anymore.

    I originally tried the download version and eventually the store-bought "boxed" copy but same thing everytime...It hung at completing installation.

    Microsoft was kind enough to give me refunds on the purchases and I credit them for that...It was not a hassle except for sending the "boxed" copy to them and waiting for the refund.

    I just run XP under bootcamp now and it works just fine for the occasional use I have for it.

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    Got it to work!
    I fought with this same thing for a long time and just happened to come across a suggestion to eject the installation CD when the computer restarted. Lo and behold, it worked! So, if Windows 7 is freezing up on the "Completing Installation" step, eject the CD when the computer restarts and then it should be able to finish installing. Hope this helps someone!

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