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    Mac Book Pro: Windows 7 blue death screen on shutdown
    Hi guys, Im new here so I everyone. I have a big problem. Had my 15 inch macbook pro with bootcamp and vista for some time and every thing ok. last night I made a clean installation to Windows 7. All good, install every program I need, untill I activated Windows 7 with Daz Windows Loader 1.6.9. It said : Everything Ok, Windows is now activated and your machine will reboot now. After that, it gets out of the desktop to the closing window and suddenly I get the bleu death screen. I have manually press de power button to shut down my macbook pro. i reboot and after getting the safe mode screen stuff i just keep with Start Windows normally and it starts well again but each time I want to reboot or shut down my MBP i get again and again the blue death screen. And Im sure i will get it while working soon.
    Some one with the same problem? Any help what I can do? Thanks in advance.

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    Why did you activate Windows 7 with the "Daz Windows Loader 1.6.9" ? Why didn't you activate the normal way by using the activation wizard which will automatically activate over the internet?


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