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    System 7.5.5 won't boot from hard disk

    I'm running an old Mac IIx with System 7.5.5 installed. I'm using it in university as it has an old expansion card (which I believe is now obsolete/too expensive to replace) to control a scientific instrument. A few weeks ago I needed to transfer some data off it to analyse but the ethernet connection wouldn't work, so instead I transferred the data I needed on a floppy disk to another mac that had ethernet capability. Unfortunately it appears the Mac IIx doesn't like floppy disks as it kept requesting the disk back even though I had used the Eject Disk option under the Special menu. This problem has worsened and now when I start up the computer all that is displayed is a disk logo with a question mark flashing on it. The only disk that it will respond to (that I have) is an install disk for a previous OS (System 7.0.1 I think). I can install this onto another spare disk and it will boot up (System 7.0.1) but not recognise that there is a hard disk. The first time this happened, I restarted, the boot disk (for System 7.0.1) was ejected and the system booted up automatically from the hard disk into System 7.5.5. The system has been working fine since but crashed this morning and had to reboot. However, now the same stupid ? disk logo pops up and no matter what I try it won't boot up into System 7.5.5...

    Please if anyone can help it would be so useful - I am using this old system to help complete my doctorate and it is really slowing me down!! I can't find any of the old System 7.5.5 installation disks and I don't think it is possible to wipe everything either because I don't think I have the disk for the software that controls the external instrument. Sorry if this post is confusing, I will happily clarify anything if anyone can help!

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    Well...first off to eject a floppy with out it asking for you put it back choose Put Away under the file menu. Putting in different start up disc of several versions of OS7 could corrupt the desktop file. You need the OS7 version of Nortons Utilities Version 3.5 to repair the system file and check the hard drive for errors. Sounds like the Hard Drive my be about to crash. The flashing ? mark means system can not be found. Whens the last time the Pram Battery was replaced.
    If you hold down the Shift key at start up that will turn extensions off. See if it boots with out the freezing. Next time you get it going you better copy that control software if the HD crashes your going to need it. To rebuild the desktop hold down the APPLE,Option key at start up. Its recommended that you rebuild the desktop with extensions off. You need to rebless the system by going into the control panels and chooseing start up disk and click the HD icon.

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