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    Windows installation via Bootcamp problem
    When partitioning my disk on bootcamp, an error message comes up saying:

    Verification failed. This disk could not be partitioned. Use disk utility to repair this disk.

    Well I have seen many answers to this problem, and one is to start your computer up from the Mac OS X installation disk and fix the disk in there. Well i tried this, but when i start up the imac with the mac installation disk in, all i get is the white screen with the apple and the rotating circle, and it won't go past that.

    Any help please?

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    If you can't repair the hard drive with your install disk, you can forget about Boot Camp and installing Windows. It's likely you have some serious issues with that hard drive and in fact, it may have to be replaced. Hopefully, you have a Time Machine backup.

    By the way, changing out a hard drive on an iMac is no easy task. If your machine is still under warranty, I suggest you make an appointment with Apple to have it checked out.


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    Ok well actually i was able to get to disk utility and repair the disk via the Mac OS X install disk. Then i partitioned and everything worked fine. Now my problem is, when im in the installation for Vista, it asks me for a previous cd of windows, which i have, but i can't get the disk while in the windows installation. I don't have access to Disk Utility or any other applications while in the installation, so I have been trying to find this manual eject hole on the mac, and I can't seem to find it.
    Im using this mac here.
    Apple - iMac - The all-in-one desktop for your photos, movies and music.
    the 24 inch imac. is there an eject hole for this mac, and if so, where is it?
    any other ways to eject the disk whilst in Windows installation?

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