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    Unhappy Removing Windows Partition in Boot Camp Assistant
    I started to run Boot Camp in 10.6.1 (Snow Leopard.1), but decided that two small Win apps didn't justify the process. So I went into BCA and restored the HD to completely Mac, as it was before (removing the awaiting 32GB WinXP partition that I was going to put in).

    Now when I boot, the system doesn't boot directly into OSX.. I get a black screen with message "no bootable device - insert disk and restart" kind of message... the only option I have right now is to do an option boot. (Hold down the option key, then choose the OSX partition - which is the whole 500GB drive).

    How can I alleviate this and get back to being able to boot straight into OSX on start/restart?

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    System Preferences - Startup Disk

    Highlight Mac OS X and click restart.

    btw: Don't cross post the same question in multiple threads. Thanks.
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