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    I've just ordered "Tiger" and I'm now slowly but surely starting to back up everything from my harddisk to cd. I'm going to reformat the drive when Tiger arrives, and "clean up, and make a fresh start"!

    Does anyone know if by backing up the folder /username/documents/microsoft user data will in fact back up EVERYTHING in Entourage?? Mails, deleted mails, sent items, address book etc. etc. Because there's a heck of a lot of data in there to get lost during a reformat, and backing everything up manually seems pretty tedious!! I've considered Entourage Email Archive X, but I can't seem to work out if it also backs up the address book as well as everything else, though I haven't downloaded it.

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    Backup your entire drive before you do that type of an install because you'll never get everything that you need otherwise.. once you've backed up everything, then you can reformat, install tiger and then slowly migrate everything over.. you throw in the folder you mentioned above and if it works.. great! if not, then you'll need to find the other components.. and this way you'll definitely have them since you have a full backup.

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