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    trouble installing Windows via bootcamp
    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to install windows for my girlfriend on her new Mac Book Pro, she is running snow leopard 10.6.1

    I follow the instructions that bootcamp give, I chose the partition for windows xp sp 2 to be installed on. Everything seems to be going fine but when 'restarting from disk...' appears, it stops and tells me 'disk error'.

    I restart via the power button and it either a) reboots into 'restarting...' or b) I hold down alt and up pops 'Machintosh' and 'Windows' I go into windows and I notice that the Windows partition is about 1 gig smaller but it still lets me reinstall and the same things happen again. I go into OSX to verify the windows partition (i read this can sometimes help)

    I then did the same thing when installing windows on my iMac, I deleted that 200mb partition, this sorted out all my problems on MY iMac but did not make any difference to my girlfreinds.

    I then reburnt the CD but nothing changed.

    I then tried to delete the windowd partition through the boot camp partition, but it wouldn't let me and told me to go through Disk Utility. These are my worried with this part of the problem:
    1) I can not move the partition, but Im thinking this is because its for windows.
    2) If under volume scheme i select 1 will it just delete the windows partition and leave the osx partition perfectly in tact?

    So basically, can anyone help me? Hope my post was clear and not too long.

    Thank you very much,

    TM, LB

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    To remove the partition for windows you need to go back into Boot Camp, the disk utility will not let you touch it.

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    thats the thing, it wont let me, it tells me to go to disk utility

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigeoh View Post
    thats the thing, it wont let me, it tells me to go to disk utility
    It won't let you? Have you tried running the Boot Camp assistant from OS X? From BC assistant, select create partition, select restore. It should then remove the BC partition you previously created. If it won't work from the BC assistant, you have no other choice but to use Disk Utility from the Snow Leopard DVD.

    Also - it appears you're trying to install XP SP2 with a version that's not compatible with Boot Camp. Make sure you read the BC instructions before installing.


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    Problem sorted, i used sp3 like you said and it installed perfectly!

    thanks alot!

    But now a whole new problem has arisen!

    its not connecting to the wireless i need it too.

    im using d-link: dsl-g604t

    It shows the connection i need, and its a strong connection too, it also shows neighbors connection.

    When i click to connect it loads and then says it must be out of reach, even though its full green bars. i have connected to this wireless via mac osx with no problems.

    when i click on one of the neighbors connections it prompts me for a password.
    This never happens with my one.

    Any ideas?

    thanks again!

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    Be sure you insert your OSX install disk when booted into windows. It will install all the drivers you need for your wireless.

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    I've done that already, its just odd as its only the wireless of my home that it wont connect too or prompt me for the password, the other wireless's it prompts me for password.

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