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    Unable to return to OSx after running bootcamp and installing Vista
    Yes...this sounds as stupid as the teacher I once worked with who trashed his trashcan.

    Problem: There is no bootcamp return to Mac OSx option available in the menu bar in Vista and each time I try restarting the system, it boots with Windows Vista.

    Steps that caused problem:
    1. Backed up all my data on my Mac Pro on Time Machine
    2. Performed a clean install of Snow Leopard
    3. After successful installation of Snow Leopard I started Bootcamp Assistant
    4. I created a secondary partition for installing Windows Vista
    5. During the bootcamp setup, the system asked me if I'd like to install Windows OS. I clicked yes and installed Windows Vista
    6. In Vista I was prompted which drive I wanted to run Vista. I hadn't seen this before when I installed Bootcamp on the older OSx.
    7. When I tried locating the Bootcamp symbol in the bottom right of Vista, I couldn't find it
    8. Note: I verified that Vista installed on the 32 gb partition I created during the bootcamp setup (I checked the size of the C drive in Vista). I didn't install on the primary partition where Snow Leopard resides
    9. I tried restarting, but it now starts only with Vista with no option to start from the Snow Leopard install disk

    Since I have all my data backed up anyway, I'd like to just start all over with a clean install of Snow Leopard, but I have no idea how to prevent the system from booting up in Vista (argghhhhh).

    I really appreciate any help anyone can offer here. Thanks in advance.

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    Just one point of clarification (and I suspect from what you've written you've already done this).

    When you turn the Mac on and hold down the Option key, are you presented with any other options aside from Vista? If not, the OS X partition was destroyed in the installation process and it's a good thing you have a backup. Leave the machine on the startup select screen, then insert your System Disc 1 (or Snow Leopard disc). It should appear as a bootable option. Double-click it. Once the Installer screen opens, click the Utilities menu and open Disk Utility. Erase the entire disk. Then, select the Utilities menu and choose "Restore System from Backup". That should get you started on recovery.

    The next time you use Boot Camp Assistant, when you get to the point in the Vista installation process where you need to choose a partition, make sure you choose the partition called "Boot Camp".
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    I guess it's possible you may have overwritten your OS X partition with Vista or maybe I'm not reading your post correctly. You can always start your machine and boot to OS X by holding down the Option key right after you hear the chime. Have you tried that?

    Also, when in Vista did you open Control Panel and select Boot Camp and then select "Startup in OS X" ?

    As for clean installing Snow Leopard again (which may not be necessary) just boot the machine with your Snow Leopard DVD. (hold the "C" key down after hearing the chime)


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    Tried to start holding Option Key
    Hello cwa107 and chscag,

    Thanks to you both for your speedy response. I did try holding down the option key and it didn't work and then I realized I was using a wireless keyboard.

    I hekd down the Option key with a serial keyboard and I see the Apple (yahoo). I've got my install disc in and installing Snow Leopard again to be on the safe side.

    Thanks again to you both and have a great weekend.

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    Lightbulb Boot selection screen
    You could install Boot picker which allows you to select which OS to boot from without having to press the Option key everytime:

    Apple - Education - IT Professionals - BootPicker

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    I have one thing to add: when you boot back into OS X, open System Preferences and click on Startup Disk. This will allow you to choose which partition will be the default when starting your computer. If you use OS X more than Vista, for example, this will allow you to boot into OS X automatically, and you will only need to hold Option at boot when you want to run Vista. You can also choose this from the Windows Control Panel, as chscag mentioned above.

    This and quite a few other things are explained on Apple Boot Camp FAQ.

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