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    Unhappy Problem with XP... No sound, and need ideas for a graphics card
    Well, I'm using bootcamp to run windows... and for some reason sound's not coming out. I realize it's because I don't have a soundcard.
    Here's the thing, though, I don't know where to get one. Whenever I search for one, it always gives my DriverDetective, which I can't use. (Anyone know where I can download a sound card that actually downloads a sound card? Because I can't use DriverDetective... I can't figure out how to install internet on my XP...) So I'm unable to get sound to come out of my computer, and I guess macs have a problem with running a Radeon 9550 graphics card. So I don't know what kind of graphics card I should get, instead... Any suggestions for that?

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    Drivers for iMacs are available on your Tiger/Leopard DVDs, you can update the drivers using the Apple Updater Tool installed on the Windows hard disk.

    BTW, you cannot download a sound card (its hardware, so you buy it) but can download soundcard drivers.

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