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    iMac, 24", Mac OS and Win XP w/ Parallels
    Need advice for Mac OS and WinXP running via parallels
    I might have asked this question in the wrong forum, so I'll try it here.

    Basic setup: 24" iMac w/ Leopard and Win XP Pro running via Parallels.

    I don't have Apple support because I bought this used. I've loaded software (such as PhotoShop) on the Windows side before without problems. When I tried to update my Parallels, I discovered that the program I had was a pirated copy, so I bought a new copy. (I didn't find out that it was pirated until after I bought the iMac, and as soon as I found out, I purchased a full version of Parallels.) After loading that, my Windows side will not recognize anything I put in my DVD/CD drive. I can't play music CD, DVDs or anything on the WinXP platform. The DVD/CD does show up in my hardware list, but will not read anything I put into it. It works fine on the Mac side.

    I need to update my PhotoShop to 7.0, and add Visio to my Windows, but can't.

    Any suggestions on where I can go to for help? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    My guess is either the VM is not setup to have a CD/DVD drive or the Parallels drivers were not installed in the VM.

    Look at the VM settings to see how it connects to the MAc CD/DVD
    Install Parallels Tools to get full Windows functionality

    VM=Virtual Machine

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    I suggest try reinstalling the Parallels software from scratch and see if it straightens out. If not, grab what is important via backup and delete the VM and reinstall Parallels and then XP. The two programs have a fine line to dance and any small update can knock them out of alignment. I have had a driver update cause the VM to malfunction. Backup is your friend in Windows.

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