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Thread: bootcamp - 3 partitions OSx, + 2 NTFS

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    bootcamp - 3 partitions OSx, + 2 NTFS
    I just bought a Macbook Pro a few weeks ago and installed bootcamp to dual boot OSx or Windows XP. So I have Mac partition and NTFS partition. BTW, I love my Macbook Pro and OSx!

    In order to manage my Windows better I would like to have two NTFS partitions so I can keep the OS partition lean. I see lots of posts about bootcamp and NTFS, but I couldn't find anything to tell me how to add a 3rd partition as NTFS. Would greatly appreciate any help here!

    In a related matter, I noticed Winclone will make an image of a bootcamp partition. Does anyone know of a Windows imaging program that will run on my new Macbook Pro?


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    To use 3 partitions you need to:
    1. Backup your existing OS X partition and any data (the next step will wipe the hard disk).
    2. Boot from an OS X CD or external hard drive.
    3. Use the Disk utility to split the disk into 3 partitions eg OSX, Data, WindowsXP.
    4. Restore OSX back to the OSX partition.
    5. Restore or reinstall Windows on the last partition of the disk.
    6. Use the middle partition as a data disk.

    You can use Acronis to image Windows or use NetREstore tool with the NTFS addon to restore OSX and Windows partitions.

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