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    Software set up help!
    Please help.

    I downloaded a zipped copy of the screenwriting software "Final Draft".
    I unzipped it, and when I double clicked the setup, I received this message:
    "there is no default application specified to open the document "setup.exe." Choose application.

    I have no idea which to choose. Can anyone help?
    I have a G4 iBook, running Tiger 10.4.11.



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    .Exe files are Windows executables. You downloaded a Windows version - check to see if there is a Mac version. If not, because you have an older Mac (not Intel-based), you have very limited options for running Windows (basically, only an emulator, which is very slow). .Exe files will not run on the Mac OS.

    Hopefully Final Draft also comes in a Mac version.

    Good luck!

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    Download the demo of the Mac version here.
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