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    OS X + Steam. Can you play any games from steam?
    I saw that Steam now works on OS X as long as you have an intel processor. Can you now run and use any game on OS X?

    I was told that HL1 and HL2 games would run.

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    Not without a product like Crossover or Darwine. There is no native port of Steam for OS X, nor has the Source engine (the back-end of HL2) been ported.

    Products like Crossover and Darwine provide a translation layer so that software designed to use Windows APIs can run on another OS. It's not fool-proof, however, and many products don't work.

    More information here.
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    Interesting post. My neighbor finally bugged me enough to play some games so I finally loaded Boot Camp after two years of just using Fusion on occasion. We are using Steam in Windows and my new MBP 17" can play pretty much any game. I have never gamed on a laptop and it has been pretty cool. If your Mac has the goods - Steam and Boot Camp can definitely play well together. I wouldn't hold your breath though for a native Steam app.

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