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    Missing HDD space after bootcamp erased the Windows partition!!!
    Hi there.
    This s my first post...for unfortunate reasons...!
    Everything was going what it matters, i "had" a Macbook Pro 2.6 with 4 Gbs memory and with 2 partitions:

    - One with Leopard 10.5
    - Other with Windows XP (created with Bootcamp)

    For work reasons, i had to erase both partitions and reinstall them...i started with Windows.
    As i known before and not now, there are 2 ways(amongst many) to "safely" remove a partition:

    - Bootcamp Assistant
    - Disk Utility

    As i have created the windows partition with Bootcamp, i choosed the bootcamp assistant to do the job(instead of the Disk Utility)...BIG MISTAKE!!!
    The Bootcamp Assistant only had a single option, which was like "create or erase Windows partition" as far as i could remember...
    So i clicked it...then choosed the volume/partition which i wanted to remove, named "Windows" (as i had the OS X 10.5 installed in the other partition)
    It took like 1.5 sec to erase 70 Gbs and in the moment ive found it very strange...
    Next thing i "70-Gbs-Windows-Partition" is missing for three days!!!
    Ive tried Disk Utility(checking the drive and repairing it with First Aid),Ubuntu(booted from it to find the missing partition),Whatsize, Bootcamp(again, because ive read about a user who could restore the partition by simply repeating the process(of partition-creation) , Terminal(used "diskutil" command to find the huge 70Gbs file, and to try to resize the single partition/volume to the initial factory-made 250 Gbs HDD)
    Tomorrow i will try to learn something about "aliases"(dont laugh) , because ive read something about it that could have an influence on this story.
    And now, ive reached a point where i cant read anymore about it...and i cant go further in "The Search for the Holy Windows-Partition" i ask for HELP!!!!
    Thank you very much, sorry for the (possible) bad english...

    PS: For the readers of this post...ive tried then to recreate another windows partition(with success) and i could SAFELY remove it with disk utility. I feel ive just picked the wrong tool to do the job...


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    Try this:
    1. back up your macintosh HD onto an external HD using timeline
    2. reboot your mac holding down the option key and select your external hard drive as your boot disk (it will also work if you use your leopard installation disk as your boot disk).
    3. MAKE SURE YOUR MAC HD IS BACKED UP then use disk utility to completely reformat/erase your hard drive.
    4. Restore everything back to your mac hd.

    Hope you get this worked out!


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