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Thread: osX and Ubuntu boot problem on a Mac Pro

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    osX and Ubuntu boot problem on a Mac Pro
    Hi I am totally new and Green to Ubuntu, but a reckless adventurist. After installing with mixed results on a PC, I was curious how this Os would fair on my Mac Pro, I briefly scanned installation info online, I had a fat 32 partition on a 3rd internal drive and used bootcamp on os X 5.2 to install Ubuntu on that partition, Things went seemingly well, after 3 reboots i had a promising os ,with Video Drivers, sound, and something i had had a problem with on the PC, a flash plugging for firefox.
    So wishing to return to OS X i rebooted with the option key.....Oh Dear, my main Os 10.4.11 from which i have my critical music apps was no longer available as a boot option. less importantly the Ubuntu install was also invisible. After staying up all night, and reading threads, I tried rEFIT with trepidation, after 3 boots from the CD i followed the partition table recommendations and lucked out, Now I have my os 10.4.11 boot option back ....(sigh of relief) I also have a legacy and Linux boot option on start up, BUT! they point to drive 0 the os 10.4.11 drive, and no Linux or Ubuntu lives there!
    Does any one of you MAC/UBUNTU vets know how I can make the Ubuntu install on drive 3 appear in the boot menu, and also preferably erase or fix the non existant Linux boot options on drive 0?

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    I believe you need to go back over the rEFIt documentation and find out how to reset the correct volume\partition in the boot menu. If rEFIt was installed properly, it should appear as a boot option when you hold down your Option key on the Mac during boot. Editing the rEFIt menu should get you going in the right direction.

    Otherwise, you may wind up having to wipe out the Ubuntu installation, uninstalling rEFIt, and doing an Archive and Reinstall of OS X.


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